Sep 29, 2013

Super Beblesh Balm: BB Cream from Skin79

Super Beblesh Balm: BB Cream from Skin79

          This product is a KFDA 3 Functions Certification. At the back of this product, it says that it is a triple functional beblesh balm that contains abundant nutrition intensively cares the skin to bright and healthy with extracts of Gold and Caviar, and it also has properties of whitening, Anti-wrinkles, and UV protection from exposure to sunlight.

          From the very first that I have use it, the cream is typically tan in color which definitely suitable to all skin types. It hides my dark spots and whitens it after a few days of using it. It is non-sticky and better to use at the last step of patting your skin scare o your face. It comes from a golden color small tube that makes it more elegant. This BB Cream is a VIP Gold Collection but it is very affordable to those people who are seeking for affordable but high quality BB Cream product. This is worth 190php and it comes from a small box of Skin79 products.

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